Reseed database tables’ identity

I ran into reseed an identity field question here:
To make the reseed work properly, we need to truncate all tables in the database.
I’ll use the undocumented sp_MSforeachtable to do this for now.

EXEC [sp_MSforeachtable] @command1="TRUNCATE TABLE ?" –Remove all data your tables and reset the identity and ready to go

EXEC sp_MSforeachtable ‘IF OBJECTPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID(”?”), ”TableHasIdentity”) = 1 BEGIN DBCC CHECKIDENT (”?”,RESEED,100) END’

All tables will start with 100 for their identity fields.

If there is a Foreign key relation between two table, you need to drop the relation first and recreate the relation after you are done.

Here is link to a sample for how to do it:!CC21A118B1B5250!224.entry


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