Schedule a Job for an SSIS package

After designing and testing your SSIS package at your development machine, you want to deploy it to your SQL Server machine to run as a job. You may have issues with the security settings associated with the job. Here is the required steps for how to set up a job to run the SSIS package through File System deployment.

1. Create a login account for the window account of your server your SQL Server is running at;

2.Create a user account for the user you created for the window account in database msdb;

3.Assign the user in msdb to SQLAgentUserRole, SQLAgentReaderRole,  SQLAgentOperatorRole ;

4.Create a new credential for the window account (identity);

5.Under SQL Server Agent node(Proxies): Create a proxy account with the credential we created early and assign the proxy to SSIS Package Subsystem;You may need to assign the proxy account to the login under Principals selection with Add;

6.When you as window login are creating job under SQL Server Agent, you need to use SSIS Package as Type and Run as the proxy we created during your Step creation; Assign a schedule as you would with other jobs.

7. you can test run your job manually and wait for your schedule job to run if there is no other issue(You had better test your package in BIDS comes with SQL Server 2005).

Refer: Charles Kangai

Hongwei Li:


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