Check DNN version for all DotNetNuke instances on Server


Run the following query, you can get versions of all your DNN installations and their created dates.

—Coyp the following code and run from SSMS. Or you can create a stored procedure to include the code and call your stored procedure.

create table #VersionCheck (Website varchar(128), Major int, Minor int, Build int)



‘ IF EXISTS (select 1 from [?].information_schema.tables where



INSERT INTO #VersionCheck

select top 1

(SELECT top 1 HTTPAlias+ ” | ”+ CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),Createddate,101) FROM [?].dbo.PortalAlias ORDER BY PortalAliasID ) as website, Major, Minor, Build

FROM [?].dbo.Version

order by VersionId DESC



Website, LEFT(‘0’+CAST(Major as varchar(2)),2) +‘.’+ LEFT(‘0’+CAST(Minor as varchar(2)),2) +‘.’+LEFT(‘0’+CAST(Build as varchar(2)),2) as DNN_Version FROM #VersionCheck


table #VersionCheck


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