DNN Dynamic Form Submit Button Center Align Issue

Here is the discussion about this issue (THREE YEARS ago!) and options to fix it.
Edit: The above link stops working now. (5/31/2011)
Here is the the quick fix to modify align=”<%=ButtonAlign()%>”  at  line 503 in  DynamicForms.ascx  file.
The  DynamicForms.ascx  file is located at  /DesktopModules/Dynamic Forms/DynamicForms.ascx
The original:
<DIVid=’SaveForm_<% =ModuleID.TosTring %>class=”DynamicForms_SaveFormDiv”>
<Span align=”<%=ButtonAlign()%>“>
<DIVid=’SaveForm_<% =ModuleID.TosTring %>class=”DynamicForms_SaveFormDiv” align=”<%=ButtonAlign()%>“> 
You can remove the empty <span></span> tags if you want.
After the modfication of this code, you can use the Dynamic Forms’ setting to change the alignment to center. left or right.
DynamicForm Instance>> Module Configuration>> General Settings>>Align Link Buttons:  Choose From Center, Right or Left.
Don’t forget to hit the link at the bottom to save the setting change.: Update Settings.

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