Regular Expression for a fixed length alphanumeric code in ASP.NET

 A length of 7 literal  starts with a(or A) with the third location with a letter(a-f or A-F) plus 4 more numbers.




Inject Javascript from ASP.NET page

There are a few ways to inject script to an ASP.NET page. Where to inject your script is depending on your need of the script on your page.

I am listing three ways to do it for one of my recent task:

1. If you want a startup type of javascript, you can use this syntax to inject the script to the end of the page just before the closing Form tag, you can use RegisterStartupScript:

 Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript( Me.[GetType](), “myScript”, sbOfTheScript.ToString())

2. If you want the script goes to the top of the page just after the  Form tag, you can use RegisterClientScriptBlock:

 Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock( Me.[GetType](), “myScript2”, sbOfTheScript.ToString())

3. If you want the script to be injected inside the Header part of your page, you can use a HtmlGenericControl to load a literal control for the script (Assume your Head tag’s id is “Head” and with a runat=”server” mark up):

  Dim head As HtmlGenericControl = DirectCast(FindControl(“Head”), HtmlGenericControl)
            head.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl(strOfYourScriptCode))