How to modify Copyright statement for all DNN instances

Chris Hammond blogged a way to setup copyright statement for all pages on a DNN site from an Admin setting through the use of  SkinObject on a skin. You can read the blog at this link:

You can simply leave the Copyright setting blank from the Admin page, the DNN Framework will pick current year along with PortalTitle as your Copyright statement.

However, I have a need to update over 200 DNN sites on our server with my company  copyright statement: Here is a quick code snippet to do so:








‘ IF EXISTS (select 1 from [?].information_schema.tables wheretable_name=”PortalLocalization”)

declare @sql_updateFooterText Nvarchar(2000)

SELECT @sql_updateFooterText = N” UPDATE [?].dbo.PortalLocalization SET FooterText=””Copyright 2011 by Marsh U.S. Consumer”””

–EXEC sp_executesql @sql_updateFooterText

print @sql_updateFooterText






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