DNN Permission Issues with Child Portal in DNN 5.5.+ (up to 5.6.0) and a Fix

I wrote a post last month to fix the permission issue after a child portal is created with DNN 5.5+ (upto 5.6.0)


There is another issue related to the permission during the child portal creation. I have an updated script to fix the issue with the DotNetNuke control panel shows for all users in the child portal.

Here is the script:

(Before try the script, Backup your DNN database!)



–Edit Ribbon show for all users
–Remove the entry
–Created by Jingyang Li 01/07/2011 
WHEREpermissionId=4 and RoleId=-1
–Fix Edit function after child portal created
–Created by Jingyang Li 12/2/2010
UPDATE  p  SET p.AdministratorRoleId=d.AdministratorRoleId,
 p.RegisteredRoleId =d.RegisteredRoleId FROM ( SELECT PortalID, [Administrators] as AdministratorRoleId, [Registered Users] as RegisteredRoleId  
FROM (SELECT PortalID, RoleID, RoleName from roles ) src
 PIVOT  (MIN(RoleID) FOR RoleName IN ([Administrators],[Registered Users]))pvt
  INNER JOIN  dbo.Portals p ON d.PortalID=p.PortalID

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