Grouping Set in SQL Server 2008– Another example

—SQL Server 2008

create table Transport (id int identity(1,1), TransporterId int,

VehicleNo varchar(50), PetrolConsumed int, TotalCost int)


insert into Transport values (1,’ABC-123′,15,900)

, (2,’XYZ-654′, 20,1200)

, (1,’MNB-592′,18,1080)

, (2,’XYZ-654′,15,900 )

, (3,’PQR-604′,20,1200)

SELECT TransporterId,Isnull(VehicleNo, ‘Total—–‘)AS VehicleNo

,Sum(PetrolConsumed) AS PetrolConsumed

,Sum(TotalCost) AS TotalCost

FROM Transport

GROUP BY grouping sets( ( TransporterId, VehicleNo, PetrolConsumed, TotalCost ), ( TransporterId ) )

Order By TransporterId

drop table transport


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