DNN 6.1.2 HTML Editor Issue From 5.6.2/3 Site Upgrade

I have run into HTML editor issue with two upgrades from 5.6.2/5.6.3 to 6.1.2. The merged web.config file after upgrade still use the previous HTML editor: FckHtmlEditorProvider.  You need to switch this to DotNetNuke.RadEditorProvider to make the rich text editor to work.

Here is the correct entry in web.config file:

<htmlEditor defaultProvider=”DotNetNuke.RadEditorProvider”>


<clear />

<add name=”DotNetNuke.RadEditorProvider” type=”DotNetNuke.Providers.RadEditorProvider.EditorProvider, DotNetNuke.RadEditorProvider” providerPath=”~/DesktopModules/Admin/RadEditorProvider” />





Another way to do this is from Host>>HTML Editor Manager to switch the Editor to DotNetNuke.RadEditorProvider




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