How to Run .Bat File From SSIS

I have a bat file to use Robocopy to move files. I setup a schedule with the native windwons scheduler and it worked pretty well. Howerver, I ran into an issue with clustering for synchronize both machines for the schedule in case of a failover. I dedcided to move the schdule to run an SSIS package.

Here are a few simple settings to setup the SSIS package to run a .bat file which includes my Robocopy command.

The key part is to use an Execute Process Task with the following settings for the simple package:

Within  Execute Process Task Editor and under Process to fill in the following:

Executable: X:\myfolder\mybatfilename.bat

Arguments: ..\bat

WorkingDirectory: X:\myfolder


3 Comments on “How to Run .Bat File From SSIS”

  1. Jayesh says:

    Thanks a lot its working now for me

  2. harishreddy says:

    Yes it worked for me to.


  3. drk2cmp says:

    Thanks for the post! I couldn’t get my batch to execute, but your technique worked.

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