Format Two Datetimes’ Difference in [days in variable length] dd:hh:mm:ss (T-SQL)

create table test (Caseid int, indate datetime, outdate datetime)

Insert into test values(1,'2013-09-17 10:09:22.000' ,'2013-09-17 11:12:22.000')

Select Caseid, Convert(varchar(10), outdate-indate , 108) as [hh:mm:ss] from test t

SELECT Convert(varchar(8), dateadd(second, datediff(second, indate,outdate) ,'1900-01-01'), 108) as [hh:mm:ss]
from test
drop table test


Declare @StartDate as datetime ='8/21/2013'
Declare @EndDate as datetime = current_timestamp --GETDATE()

SELECT @StartDate, @EndDate
, Coalesce( Convert(varchar(5),DateDiff(day, (@EndDate-@StartDate),'1900-01-01')) + ':'
+ Convert(varchar(10),(@EndDate-@StartDate), 108),'00:00:00:00') as [days:hh:mm:ss]

--SQL Server 2012 with FORMAT function
,Coalesce( Convert(varchar(5),DateDiff(day, (@EndDate-@StartDate),'1900-01-01')) + ':' +
FORMAT((@EndDate-@StartDate), 'HH:mm:ss') ,'00:00:00:00') as [SQL Server 2012--days:hh:mm:ss]

--Another sample for converting minutes to [hh:ss]

declare @diffinMinutes int=165

SELECT Convert(varchar(5),(dateadd(minute, @diffinMinutes,'1900-01-01')), 108) as [hh:mm]


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