Query Result To Excel with Messed Up Rows (SSMS 2012)

When you export your query result from SSMS 2012 (not SSMS 2008) to a text file or copy and paste the result (with header), you may run into problem with columns (such as varcahr(max)…) that include Tab — char(9), Line feed — char(10) or Carriage return — char(13). You have garbled rows due to these invisible chars.

A quick fix is to remove them by using nested REPLACE functions in your SELECT query.
Here is and example:

--Sample code

SELECT Replace( REPLACE(REPLACE(yourCOlumn, CHAR(10),''), CHAR(13),'') ,CHAR(9),'')  as yourcolumn


SELECT Replace( REPLACE(REPLACE(yourCOlumn, CHAR(10),”), CHAR(13),”) ,CHAR(9),”) as yourcolumn

If you want to remove them forever, you can use an UPDATE command to update these columns in your source table.


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