Fill Null For Another Column T-sql

  Create table TableA (id int identity(1,1), ColumnA varchar(10))
insert into TableA values('111'),('AAA'),('BBB'),('CCC'),('222'),('XXX'),('AAA'),('DDD')

;with mycte as (
select ColumnA
,Case WHEN ISNUMERIC(ColumnA)=1  Then ColumnA 
 Else null 
END ColumnB  ,Row_number() Over(Order by id) rn   
FROM TableA )

Select ColumnA,d.ColumnB from mycte m
Cross apply (select top 1 ColumnB from mycte m2 
WHERE m2.rn<=m.rn and ColumnB is not null   
Order by rn DESC) d(ColumnB) 

Drop table TableA


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