Add Space In Front of A Capital Letter Within Connected Words

create table test (reports varchar(50))

Insert into test values('admissionPage'),('topHighCost'),('requestedReportsZu')
;with mycte as (
Select reports, substring(reports,d.num,1) s 
,Case when ASCII(SUBSTRING(reports,d.num,1)) between 65 and 90  Then 1 else 0 End IsCapital
from test
cross apply(values(1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6),(7),(8),(9),(10),(11),(12),(13),(14),(15),(16),(17),(18),(19),(20)) d(num)

,mycte1 as (
SELECT Distinct reports = (
SELECT   Case When IsCapital=1 Then ' '+s Else s End
 FROM mycte m
 WHERE m.reports=m1.reports
 FROM mycte m1)

Select  reports from mycte1

drop table test


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