Reorder Column List for a Destination Flat File in SSIS

There is a much easier way! Just open the dtsx-file in you favourite xml-editor and find
the DTS:FlatFileColumn-tag corresponding your FlatFileConnection. Just reorder them there and open your file again in Visual Studio.

I have a need to order a flat file from a query result in SSIS.
One option is to create a new destination flat file with the column aligned to the requirement.
Another option is to modify the dtsx file directly if you dare enough. The dtsx file is special XML with all information about your package.
Within Visual STidio, right click on your package name —- view code —-(code in XML format is open)

Find the code block under your destination connection manager:

and you can resort your column sequence and save the file.
You should be ready to go without any other work. You are done.


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