Take the Whole Number (No rounding up ) T-sql

declare @val as decimal(6,3)
set @val = 20.575
select  @val
, Cast(round(@val,-1) as int) 
, parsename(cast(@val as varchar(20)),2)
,stuff(cast(@val as varchar(20)),charindex('.',cast(@val as varchar(20))),len(cast(@val as varchar(20))),'')
,cast(@val as int) myInt,
  Replace(@val,Replace(ABS(@val) % 1,'0.','.'),'')
,Cast (N'<root><row>' + Replace(@val, '.', '</row><row>') + '</row></root>' AS XML).value('(/root/row)[1]', 'nvarchar(50)')
, Stuff(@val, Charindex(0X2E, Cast(Ltrim(@val) AS VARBINARY(50)), 1), len(@val), '')  

,Cast(@val-ABS(@val) % 1 as Int)




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