How to Save Excel File (.xlsx) to Pipe delimited file with Special Row Terminator: |{CR}{LF}

As a SQL Server DBA, I have SSMS handy all the time. You can export Excel file to a pipe delimited file through normal Import/Export process.

1. Choose a Data Source (Microsoft Excel– Microsoft Excel version 2007 ( for a .xlsx file created in Excel 2013) to point to your Excel file path.
2. Choose Flat FileDestination: Find a location you want to save the new text file and name your new file. Format: Delimited and I check the Column name in the first data row as well.
>>Next..Next..>>Configure Flat File Destination… Make sure Source table or view is the Worksheet of your Excel file. Row delimiter: {CR}{LF}. in my case I need a | (pipe) prefix it.
|{CR}{LF} and Column delimiter: Vertical Bar {|} ( also called pipe). …click Next … Next….


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