End of month : Dateadd with Datepart MONTH

If datepart is month and the date month has more days than the return
month and the date day does not exist in the return month, the last day of the return month is returned.

Here is a sample to get month end date within a year:


;with mycte as (
select 1 as n, dateadd(year, datediff(year,0,getdate()), 0)  as Firstdt,EOMONTH(dateadd(year, datediff(year,0,getdate()), 0) )  as Enddt1
union all
Select n+1 as n, Firstdt,  EOMONTH(dateadd(month,n,Firstdt))    Enddt1 from mycte where n<12


select n as monthNum,Enddt1 from mycte
order by Enddt1




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