Some information about object_id

There is a max number limit for objects in a database: 2,147,483,647

The Object_id is a unique int, which is the primary key column id from system table: sys.sysschobjs.

You can see the information about this table:
sp_help ‘sys.sysschobjs’
If you want to view the content, you need to query through DAC connection:

To connect to a server using the DAC
In SQL Server Management Studio, File>>>New>> click Database Engine Query.
type ADMIN: in front of your instance name. For example,

Select * from sys.sysschobjs
Select id,name,nsid,nsclass,status,type,pid,pclass,intprop,created,modified,status2
from sys.sysschobjs

Normally, we can access the object_id from system views: [sys].[all_objects] or [sys].[objects].

The Object_id can be recycled.

Since SQL Server 2012, all user created temp tables object_id are in negative range.


How to read and interpret the SQL Server log

SQL Server 2012 | Temp Tables are created with negative Object IDs

Dude, who owns that #temp table?


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