Dynamic UNPIVOT Gloabal Temp Table -T-SQL


 create table ##tempMSRCache (CompanyName varchar(50)
, Standard_A_Status varchar(50)
,Standard_A_Solution varchar(50)
, Standard_B_Status varchar(50)
, Standard_B_Solution varchar(50)

Insert into ##tempMSRCache values
('CompanyA','in spec','has backups','out of spec','pop mail'),
('CompanyB ','in spec','has backups','inspec','pop mail') 

Declare @sql as NVarchar(4000)
Declare @Cols as NVarchar(4000)

Set @Cols=null

Select @Cols =  COALESCE(@Cols + ', ', '') + '('+QUOTENAME(COLUMN_NAME,'''')+',' + QUOTENAME(COLUMN_NAME)+')'
  WHERE TABLE_NAME='##tempMSRCache' and COLUMN_NAME<>'CompanyName'

   --print @Cols

Select @sql='Select
CompanyName, Standard,Answer
FROM ##tempMSRCache t
CROSS APPLY (Values ' + @Cols + ' )  d(Standard,Answer) '

--Print @sql;

exec (@sql)

 Select * from ##tempMSRCache 

drop table ##tempMSRCache 



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