Int Identity Column Outgrow Fix

When you use INT data type as identity column, you may run out of the positive limit (2147483647 or 2^31-1, which is a very large number and it is not common to reach it) in rare cases.
Besides you can schedule a process to change the column data type to BIGINT 9223372036854775807 (or 2^63-1),you can use the following quick fix to utilize the negative range of int numbers.

 DBCC CHECKIDENT('[dbo].[ALogTable]', RESEED, -2147483648)


The change data type for identity column may involve script out your key, constraints and index information and drop these keys/index on the table and use
Alter yourtable alter column theidentity bigint;
Reapply keys and constraints and rebuild index.
The process needs to be tested on lower environments to make sure it will work with your production environment.


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