Powershell with Literal Path

When folder name has [], you can escape them with two back tick “ to escape them to create a file by using the path with special characters.

New-Item  –Path "c:temp\``[Profile Backup``]\$(Get-Date -Format yyyy_MM_dd)\" -Name "Installed_Programs1.txt" -ItemType File -Force

New-Item  –Path "c:temp\``[Profile Backup``]\2017_03_17\" -Name "Installed_Programs1.txt" -ItemType File -Force
 ##create the folder(don't need escape), then create the file
md -Path "c:temp\[Profile Backup]\$(Get-Date -Format yyyy_MM_dd)" -Force
New-Item  –Path "c:temp\``[Profile Backup``]\$(Get-Date -Format yyyy_MM_dd)\" -Name "Installed_Programs1.txt" -ItemType File -Force





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