Export Stored Procedure Result with OPENQUERY

-- EXEC sp_serveroption 'myserver\Instancename', 'DATA ACCESS', TRUE

INTO     mytmpTable
FROM    OPENQUERY("myserver\Instancename", 'EXEC mydbname.[dbo].[usp_name_here] 2') -- with parameter value 2
select * from mytmpTable

drop table mytmpTable


You can use INSERT INTO atable EXECUTE sp syntax to put result into an existing table.

if object_id('datatemp','U') is not null 
drop table datatemp

--create a temp table base Stored procedure resultset
create table datatemp (id int, col varchar(50))

---insert result from stored procedure
INSERT INTO  datatemp(id, col)
EXECUTE yourspname @parameter1

--clean up
Drop table datatemp


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