Value Pair Query

MaxCol nvarchar(max)

VALUES (‘{“ID”:”075405435453.doc”,”Name”:”Scenario1″,”Date”:”2016-12-19 23:01:03″,”Type”:”SL”}’)

, (‘{“ID”:”55453450480003.wav”,”Name”:”Change43″,”Date”:”2016-12-13 21:03:23″,”Type”:”AL”}’)


–SQL Server 2016 or 2017
JSON_VALUE(MaxCol, ‘$.ID’) Id,
JSON_VALUE(MaxCol, ‘$.Name’) Name,
JSON_VALUE(MaxCol, ‘$.Date’) [Date],
JSON_VALUE(MaxCol, ‘$.Type’) Type
FROM @TypeMax

–Before JSON functions were introduced to SQL SERVER
—Use XML shredding

;With mycte as (
SELECT Cast(N'<H><r ‘ + Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace( MaxCol , ‘{“‘,”), ‘}’,”), ‘”,”‘,'” ‘),'”:”‘,’=”‘) + ‘” /></H>’ ,'””‘,'”‘ ) as xml) AS [vals]
FROM @TypeMax

,mycte1 as (
SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY S.a.value(‘count(.)’, ‘tinyint’)) rn,
S.a.value(‘@ID’, ‘varchar(50)’) as [ID],
S.a.value(‘@Name’, ‘varchar(50)’) as [Name],
S.a.value(‘@Date’, ‘varchar(50)’) as [Date],
S.a.value(‘@Type’, ‘varchar(50)’) as [Type]

FROM mycte d CROSS APPLY d.[vals].nodes(‘/H/r’) S(a) )

select ID,Name,[Date],[Type] from mycte1
ID Name Date Type
075405435453.doc Scenario1 2016-12-19 23:01:03 SL
55453450480003.wav Change43 2016-12-13 21:03:23 AL

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