dbatools 1.0 released Today!

Let’s start with Powershell console with administrator rights.


Install-Module -Name dbatools


You will have dbatools 1.0 installed from Powershell console with a few clicks.
You can check to see how many versions before 1.0 installed on your machine:


Get-InstalledModule -Name dbatools -AllVersions


You can clean up installed old versions by running:


$module = Get-InstalledModule -Name dbatools
Get-Module -Name $module.Name | Remove-Module
Get-InstalledModule $module.Name -AllVersions | Where-Object {$_.Version -ne $module.Version} | Uninstall-Module -Verbose


You can check again:


Get-InstalledModule -Name dbatools -AllVersions


It is time to dive into the dbatools 1.0 now.

dbatools 1.0 has arrived 🎉

dbatools v1.0? It’s available – Check it out!

Cleanup/Remove old PowerShell modules

getting started

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