dbatools: Backup-DbaDatabase and Restore-DbaDatabase samples

I have played around with Backup-DbaDatabase and Restore-DbaDatabase cmdlets from dbatools. The following snippets are: backup selected databases and restore them with a different name on the same server.

#create a shared folder
$Network_Folder = '\\myfileshare\backups\'

#clean up backup folder --shared
Get-ChildItem -Path $Network_Folder -Include *.bak -File -Recurse | foreach { $_.Delete() }

#backup selected databases
Backup-DbaDatabase -SqlInstance my2019Machine -Database myDB1,myDB2,myDB3 -Type Full -CompressBackup -CopyOnly -BackupDirectory $Network_Folder

# restore a copy with new name
Restore-DbaDatabase -SqlInstance my2019Machine -Path $Network_Folder -RestoredDatabaseNamePrefix 'daily_' -DestinationDataDirectory d:\restoreedDB -WithReplace

# clean up
Remove-DbaDatabase -SqlInstance my2019Machine -Database daily_myDB1,daily_myDB2,daily_myDB3 -Confirm:$false



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