Replace Laptop’s Hard Driver with Intel SSD Driver By Using Intel’s Data Migration Software

It is very easy to upgrade a laptop’s hard driver with Intel SSD with Intel® Data Migration Software.

I used one 160 GB Intel SSD drive to replace a 500 GB HD with 120 GB data on it from ASUS X53E Windows 7 Home Premium.

The cloning mode is manual to control the destination partition size and the other options you can leave it as default to proceed.
It takes a while to finish cloning the 120GB driver through a USB connection. After the cloning, I simply swap the driver with the SSD
and the machine is ready to run.
Download link for the software and manual:

SQL Server Analysis Services Tutorial — From MSDN

SSAS Errors: Errors in the metadata manager. The dimension with ID of ‘Something Name’ referenced by the ‘CubName’ cube, does not exist.

The steps to fix the problem:

1. Stop SSAS service(any way you know);
2. Rename (or delete) the data file folder (example: …OLAP\Data\My Cub Name.0.db\”;
3. Start SSAS service and Connect through SSMS to delete the SSAS database.
4. Redeploy cub database from BIDS and it should work this time.

A useful post to help to solve this problem is from:

Get Stored Procedure Definition, Create_Date and Modify_Date (Created_Date and Modified_Date) by T-SQL

--use yourDB

FROM sys.objects o
INNER JOIN sys.sql_modules m
	ON o.object_id = m.object_id
ORDER BY o.modify_date DESC