Some modules installed on DNN 6 are missing Import / Export Content Function

I have installed both FormMaster 2008 and DynamicForm on an DNN 6 instance. Both modules are missing

Import/Export content function.  It seems there is a property named as SupportedFeatures in table DesktopModules is set to default value 0 so the moduel is set to IsPortable = 0,  IsSearchable = 0 and IsUpgradeable=0. The Enumeration for  SupportedFeatures is:

public enum DesktopModuleSupportedFeature
        IsPortable = 1,
        IsSearchable = 2,
        IsUpgradeable = 4

We can run a query to change the setting for SupportedFeature in DesktopModules to value  3 (or 1) to turn on the built-in  IsPortable  function, so we can Import/Export content again in the module setting.

The query will look like this:

UPDATE DesktopModules

SET SupportedFeatures = 3

WHERE FriendlyName =’Form Master 2008′  Or FriendlyName =’Dynamic Forms’

If you run the SQL Script from HOST>SQL:

UPDATE {databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}DesktopModules]

SET SupportedFeatures = 3

WHERE FriendlyName = ‘Form Master 2008’ OR FriendlyName = ‘Dynamic Forms’

After updating the value, you should restart your DNN website to reflect the change made.

Personalied URL in Marketing

I came across this slide show to summarize PURL:

I have done a few projects with PURL component to drive users from direct mail campaign to some tailored landing pages. I will blog  about the techique aspect for the generation of PURL and the design of these dynamic landing pages in a later time.

To run a PowerShell Script from SSIS package

From this thread:

To run a PowerShell Script from SSIS package. Add a “Execute Process Task” in SSIS and use the following command text.

This works just great, plus the “-ExecutionPolicy ByPass” switch will take care of any server script policies.


C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -command “. ‘L:\Powershell_Script\Script1.ps1’ ‘param1’ ‘param2′”

From Net Data Design: DotNetNuke 6.0.1 Database ERD and SQL Specs

Net Data Design has posted DNN 6.0.1 database ERD documents. You can download from NDN website:

A Simple (Good) Sample with For Loop Container

I have been to this site a few times before and I found a lot good stuff related to SSIS.

Here is an entry for For Loop Container to set up with  InitExpression , EvalExpression and AssignExpression.

For example, you can implement this C#  for loop:  for(int i=0; i<10; i++)    with this For Loop Container.

How to Access DotNetNuke Site in Subfolder from Root

I came across this post with detailed instructions for how to address this issue for shared hosting plans:

DotNetNuke: Installing in Subfolder, Access from Domain Root

7 or 8 digits alphanumeric ID with Regular Expression


I have a tool:

Running total (T-SQL) –Another sample


 create table dt1 (col1 int, col2 varchar(100))











;with mycte




(select col1, CAST(Col2 + ‘ 1,2011’ as datetime) as col2 FROM dt1)


SELECT a.col1, a.col2, SUM(b.col1) as gTotal FROM mycte a cross join mycte b


WHERE b.col2<=a.col2


GROUP BY a.col2,a.col1 


order by gtotal

drop table dt1