Custom Reports from SSMS for SQL Server Assessment

It is our pleasure from Iowa SQL Server Users Group (IASSUG) to have Dave Bland as speaker for Des Moines PASS August 10 Meeting:

“How to do a Complete Server Assessment”

He created a series of custom SSRS reports and offered to use them from SSMS with a few clicks to access bunch of information about your server and database.

You can download the source reports from a zipped folder at Dave Bland’s blog site:

SQL Server Assessment Using SSMS and SSRS

After you download the file and unzip it a your local drive to the SSMS file folder for easy access.

Launch your SSMS and connect to an Instance(Server). Right click on Instance name(or database name) and choose the Reports>Custom Reports… and browser to the files you unzipped.

Click on the first report _LaunchingPage.rdl and you are launching the Main report page.

Your journey starts here.

I will run this report on a few new 2019 servers I set up recently to view lot of useful information in a very short time.

During the presentation, Dave walked through some interested reports and their use cases. I have come across many of them from my DBA career and I know Dave did a great favor for SQL Server community with this handy report tool.

Thanks Dave!

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